Regular and Deep Dental Cleanings

dental-cleaningThe health of our mouth directly impacts our overall health. Research has proven time and again that poor oral hygiene allows for bacteria to accumulate in the gums and eventually enter the blood stream. They travel to other parts of our body and can negatively affect our health. Regular dental cleanings can help prevent that.

With that in mind, we recommend a comprehensive evaluation to go over your current health status as well as a thorough periodontal (gum and bone) exam and create a custom plan for treating and restoring a healthy oral environment.

Preventative, biannual, “regular” cleanings are offered for those with healthy gums or mild gingivitis that are maintaining good home care and regular cleaning visits.

On occasion, deep cleanings, including scaling and root planning, may be needed. An ultrasonic device that incorporates water pressure and vibration to remove the deposits is used in addition to manual instruments.

A new addition at our disposal is dental laser technology. This technology allows us to eliminate bacteria lodged in the gums. This increases gum and bone health and longevity. Before your appointment, your gums and teeth will be irrigated with a special prescription grade liquid medication. This will reduce the bacteria count and will require you to refrain from eating or drinking for at least 1/2 hour after the treatment to maximize the benefits.

Once the deep cleaning is completed a periodontal maintenance program is established to retain the benefits of the deep cleaning. We work together to help you maximize the benefits.

Arestin, localized antibiotics, may be recommended in areas that show deep pockets and harmful resident bacteria colonies. This will encourage gum reattachment and revitalize your gum tissue.

Signs you Could Use a Deep Cleaning

The presence of gum diseases is determined during a comprehensive periodontal examination which includes gentle probing of the area between teeth and gums or gum pockets to measure the depth of the gum pockets. A special instrument is used to measure the area. The deeper the measurement, the more severe the condition.

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. It has a measurement of around 3mm to 4mm. Early periodontitis starts when as a result of bacteria and plaque buildup, bone loss is noticed in addition to inflamed gum disease. This condition may advance to a more aggressive form of gum disease if not treated and pocket depth can get very deep and difficult to maintain. The deeper the pockets and bone loss the less support the teeth have, which may eventually become mobile.

Symptoms may include tender and swollen gums that bleed easily. The bone will appear to have moved away from the teeth causing the tooth to be a less stable. In this case, bacteria multiply and affect the gum tissue. Damage can occur to the supporting structure around the teeth.

The recommended treatment may include scaling and root planning as the type of deep cleaning that is necessary to clean and sterilize the gum where the bacteria live.

This type of deep cleaning will treat periodontitis and may help prevent tooth decay. We use special instruments to clean away all the affected areas. Deep cleaning can help prevent further bone loss and promote a healthy environment.

Act now! We can help maintain your healthy gums and bright beautiful smile.