Why would I need an Extraction?

There are several reasons why someone might need an extraction.

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed due to impaction (the tooth has not emerged through the gums). This may be because there is not enough room in your mouth, or because teeth may become twisted while trying to emerge.

Another reason an extraction may be recommended is when teeth cannot be repaired due to damage, disease, or decay.

On occasion, there is not enough room for all the teeth, especially when preparing for orthodontic treatment. Extractions to create space for orthodontics, to straighten teeth, may be needed.

Overall, an extraction can be easy to recover from if you use caution and follow the directions of the dentist! We will provide you with instructions after your procedure.  Those can also be found on the website. Verbal face to face detailed instructions will be reviewed with every patient.


Extraction Form & Post Op Instructions

Post-Op Treatment Care


Extraction Consent Form (updated)