Tooth loss is a challenge that many of us face. Tooth loss can result from an accident (car, sport, or other), can be due to family genetics, or other circumstances.

There are multiple solutions to tooth loss. One of the solutions is dentures.

Dentures are replacement teeth that will restore your teeth to function and will make you look good.

Dentures can be made out of porcelain or resin teeth. They can replace all of your teeth or just some of them. Dentures can be a temporary solution or a permanent one, depending on the ultimate goal you wish to achieve.

Lastly, dentures can be removable or fixed/anchored to your bone as are your natural teeth.

Dentures are just one option. Many patients choose dentures because they can be made fairly quickly. They can be created in just a few weeks, so you can get them soon after your appointment. Dentures also make it easier to eat and talk normally, therefore increasing your confidence. Dentures can last for five to ten years or longer. With the technology we have today, dentures can look completely natural, so others may not even notice!

When getting dentures, there is an adjustment period. Chewing may be initially challenging. There are many different denture adhesives available to help make the dentures more stable and comfortable.

In the long run, dentures can be a great benefit to you and your health! They will provide you with the ability to enjoy your life normally and give you the confidence to smile and laugh, just like you did before!

Other options that may be available to you for replacing missing teeth may include fixed porcelain bridges or implants.

Are you ready to have a beautiful smile? With today’s materials and improved technology, we can create dentures that fit comfortably and look natural. There are several choices for tooth replacement.

Complete dentures are used to for replacing a full set of teeth while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

Complete Dentures. This type of dentures when all teeth are lost can be either conventional or immediate.

Conventional. Full removable denture is made after the remaining teeth are removed and the gum tissue has begun to heal. A conventional denture is inserted several months after teeth removal.

Immediate. Unlike conventional dentures, this removable denture is made and placed on the same day that the remaining teeth are extracted. Your dentist will prepare the dentures during your preliminary visit. An immediate denture can be provided so that you do not go without teeth during the healing period. However, the denture may need to be adjusted or remade after the healing period.

Partial Dentures. This type of denture fills the gap created by missing teeth and prevents teeth from changing position. Partial dentures are attached to existing natural teeth and get support from the gum and bony ridge. Removable partial dentures can be very stable when supported by natural teeth on both ends of the false tooth.

It is easy to get started. Our team will guide you through in every step of the way. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision to enjoy a lasting smile. We will make sure that you are happy with your appearance and that the dentures are properly fit and comfortable.